2005 audi a6 abs,brake,esp lights

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    Few weeks ago my abs,brake,esp, brake fault warning lights came on and the whole rear left lights went out. i changed the bulb and everything checked the fuse and wires everything was fine. i took it to my mechanic and he said it might be the abs module, we took out the module and had it repaired. today after replacing the module with the new and improved one all the warning light went away. i drove the car from the mechanic to the gas station. parked the car and turned it back on the light came on. the picture above is the picture of what came on when i turned it on. my question here is has anybody ever had this problem and can you guys help me.We checked the code and these are the codes that came up, 1418,1200,1201,1435,0265. when we cleared it 1200,1435 and 0265 came right back on. I REALLY NEED HELP. im trying my best not to take it to the dealers!! this is a 2005 Audi a6 3.0 quarto.

    Please help.

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