MONZA2005-InTTernational EvenTT 14-15-16 July

  • Following the incredible success of the 2004 Edition, the Italian TT
    Forum goes for another run...

    In order to ease Attendees coming from North Europe, we fought hard to
    get a Reserved Track Session in Summer (it was December in 2004), just
    when usually Monza is overbooked by whealthier Communities like
    Maserati's, Ferrari's and Porsche's...

    Here's the Program...hope this time the Sons of Albyon's seats won't be
    left empty....

    Friday, the 14th
    Arrival at Milan-Hotel in the City (like last time's StarHotel), and
    welcome Party and Dinner...
    Possible alternative: a Country Mansion in the Lake Lecco District (trip
    to Central Milan would thus be excluded, but close to Monza as well)-
    approx. 80 Euros per Double Room, 20-25 Euros for the Evening

    Saturday, the 15th
    Morning-TTour to the PO river (a no-traffic destination 30-40 km away
    from Milan is necessary, as in July the Motorway is saturated on
    WeekEnds), our largest River, with plenty of space for driving, parking,
    walking before lunch....Lunch in a 300 years old Trattoria, the place
    where the Movie Novecento (by Director Bertolucci) was filmed....with
    photos of Depardieu & DeNiro eating Tagliatelle & Fried Fish like pigs,
    and 2 meters-long Sturgeons (it's smaller than the Volga River,

    Alternative TTour---the Pavia Wine Region...

    Afternoon-Visit to Italy's biggest Lamborghini Showroom (near Linate
    Airport), and TTrip to Monza....

    From 17 to 21.00....reserved F1 Paddock for our 20.00, a 30
    minutes Track Session (those who attended in 2004 know well what it is
    about!!!) reserved for us....should we be more than 50, some extra 30
    minutes in the Artificially lighted Track (quite suggestive)....I've been
    told that the Bimoto is probably at the end of its carreer, but MTM Italy
    should be able to take part with something as much exciting....

    All Night Party somewhere close to Monza & the Hotel, but different from
    last time's one...

    Sunday...Morning together (surprise program, usually the best), and trip
    back home....


    Friday-Dinner 20-25, not more than 80 for the Double Room in a 3-4 Star

    Saturday-Lunch 30 Euros - Monza Track+gadgeTTs+entrance+complete track
    services+alltherest 100 Euros - Dinner & Party 35-40 Euros

    Last date for inscription: Mid-June
    Last date for Payment: End of June

    Soon the Inscription Form will be online, here (take the opportunity to
    have a look at photos of Monza2004 ):

    Soon refreshed...Ciao!