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  • Hello Aussie, I hope you speak a littel English. I'm an Audi drive from The Netherlands. Ich probiere schone eine woche .KML files im MyAUDI MMI zu importieren. Was ich auch probiere es geht nicht. Ich auch den Roudster-Tour-Winterberg probier aber mit importieren geht es die melding nicht compatible.

    Konnen Sie mich helfen, was mach ich nicht gut.


    • Hello Erik,

      I hope you understand my english:

      You must take google my maps not google maps

      Is it not possible to get the full tour into the Audi MMI. You must take many separte points and every point is an individual finish. Give every point a special name for instance in the order to pass it in the tour. Activate the option to show "my Audi sonderziele" in the satnav.

      During the tour you must navigate from point to point.

      I will send you another Information in german with pictures from the NordlichTTer tour as an example.

      I hope this is helpful for you.

      Best wishes


    • Hello Aussie,

      Your right I made several routes in Google My Map and exported to .kml But this will not work.

      Okay that would be very niee to receive more information with pictures

      Thank you